Hey, let’s discuss the most frequently asked question. What after BDS? What are the best options after BDS? There is a lot of confusion in choosing a career after BDS. But, not for everyone. However, I believe this is the scenario for the majority. So, I am writing this exclusively for those people who are confused about their options. There are a plethora of options after BDS but Choosing the right one solely depends on your interests and inclinations.


The first and main option, if you want to be in the dental stream, is to advance in your studies. i.e. Go for MDS. You can opt from the 9 majors in dentistry which are endo, ortho, perio, maxillofacial surgery, prostho, pedo, patho, oral med, and public health. But for this you need to crack NEET. If you wanna do your studies in the less budget make sure you have prepared good enough. So, if your scores are not up to the mark, and you are planning to rewrite the exam in the coming year please be sure that you are gonna clear with some excellent score. Because, about 26000 dentists graduate every year from 313 colleges all over India. So, your competition is increasing with fresh graduates also the private college fee also keeps increasing. So, if you wanna do MDS I suggest do it quickly. Don’t waste your valuable years.

2. Start your Own Clinic

The next one is to start your own clinic. If you are confident enough and if you have a good financial back up. Go ahead be your OWN BOSS.

3.Get Recruited

If you wanna start earning you can get recruited in corporate sectors, Pharmaceutical companies and so on.


There are also some new generation courses for the graduates who wanna pursue their career in the non-clinical field. A few to name MBA in (Health Care Management / Administration) MHA, MPH (masters in public health etc On completion of these course graduates are open to an Immense opportunity in the corporate field including top private hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, Medical research field, Health insurance companies with a high pay, and better positions.

5.Government Jobs

Also, there are other career options such as getting into the Government services (state Govt / central Govt hospitals/ Civil hospital, Health care centres) Army Dental corps, Joining Indian Railways as a Dentist.

6.Fly Abroad

Working as a Dentist in abroad is a great option. Because dentists are the highly paid professionals in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. But please note procedures and licensing exams are entirely different for each country.To recapitulate, above mentioned are some of the best options for BDS Graduate. I believe this has been helpful to some doubtful minds. Keep Calm and choose the best Career that suits your Personality. Good Luck!

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