MD/MS Colleges


MBBS is a bachelor’s degree that provides basic knowledge of healthcare fields. Medical students, on the other hand, typically consider pursuing a specialty after completing their MBBS in order to become a physician or specialist surgeon. Our well-trained staff is happy to assist students who have completed their MBBS and want to pursue further education of MD/MS, from Karnataka’s medical specialization.

MD- Doctor of Medicine- MD stands for Doctor of Medicine, also known as a doctor of General medicine. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of medical science concepts such as disease prevention, accurate diagnosis, and appropriate care at the appropriate time through this specialization of course. An MD medicine doctor’s primary duty is to prescribe a course of medications and drugs to patients who have been diagnosed with diseases.

MS- General Surgeon- MS stands for master of surgery, though the course is called ‘General Surgery,’ it is not as general as one would think because it includes surgical procedures such as appendicitis, hernias, gallbladder operations, stomach and intestinal issues, minor accidental injuries and it mostly involves the expertise and ability to care for a variety of surgical problems.

Individuals who apply to pursue an MD/MS degree program must be certified MBBS doctors by the Medical Council of India (MCI) or any state medical council in order to appear for the NEET-PG 2021, examination, which is the only entrance exam for postgraduate courses and most Indian medical institutes recognize NEET PG, 2021 test, ratings. Among candidates, NEET-PG is the highly competitive, but you Don’t worry, we are here to make your admission process as simple as possible for you, you can contact us at any time to reserve your seat in your desired college with your preferred branch in any prestigious private medical colleges in Karnataka. Even if you get a lower score on the NEET-PG, 2021 entrance exam but meet all the eligibility criteria for a postgraduate program, we will guide you to a medical college in Karnataka that offers management seats for PG courses.

What is the direct admission procedure in PG-Karnataka Medical Colleges?

There are many ways to apply for PG seats in medical colleges across the India. The most desirable and competitive way is to pass the NEET-PG exam, after NEET – PG other options for PG seats include management/direct seats or NRI seats. We will help you get admission in MD/MS via direct seats of any Karnataka private medical colleges if you want to join a postgraduate programme but got a lower score in the NEET-PG exam and you are prepared to spend money in direct admission. Direct/Management seats are purely legalised admission process by Government of India and medical counselling.

Management quota seats are available in most of Karnataka’s top medical colleges. Students must take the NEET-PG examination and pass the minimum score that is only 50% for a Direct Seat, qualifying requirement. We can give you a better MD/MS PG seat deal with your choice of college, because we are strongly involved in leading colleges across the state of Karnataka. We are as clear as water till the final admission step. You may rely on us to confirm Medical PG admission 2021 if the MD/MS PG seat is not booked by NEET-PG, counselling meetings.

Why should you seek a postgraduate degree in MD/MS?

The candidates must pursue the MD-MS program for the following reasons:

  1. This allows a doctor to do a more in-depth examination of the subjects.
  2. This course allows a doctor to specialize in his or her field of interest.
  3. The applicant must choose between surgery and medicine, which is purely a matter of personal choice, but this course is a mixture of the two.
  4. through post-graduation in depth knowledge, Doctor’s save of millions of lives.
  5. A doctor who has completed his MD/MS receives a higher salary as compare to MBBS under graduate course.
  6. After graduating from MD/MS, the doctor is qualified to pursue M.Ch/ DM, which is a super specialty degree in medicine if the doctor’s specialisation is surgery.
  7. Surgery and medicine both have equal chances to gain a big chunk of money.
  8. A person who completes his MS will become a surgeon in the future. A individual who completes his MD, on the other hand, will eventually become a physician.
    – The only difference is that the roles and tasks will vary, and a surgeon will benefit significantly more than a general practitioner.

    What are some of the best medical colleges for Md/Ms post graduate Admission?

    Karnataka is one of the most educationally established states, with some of the best medical institutions in the country. Students from all over the country come to Karnataka to study in the various top colleges that the state of Karnataka has. There are total 60 medical colleges in Karnataka state.

    Here are a couple of the best private medical colleges in the state of Karnataka.

    1) Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

    2) St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore

    3) SDM College of Medical Sciences, Dharwad

    4) Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore

    5) JSS Medical College, Mysore

    6) M.S Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore

    7) Father Mullers Medical College, Mangalore

    8) Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore

    9) Vydehi Institute Of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Bangalore

    10) Sri Devaraj URS Medical College, Kolar


    MD/MS – PG Medical COURSE at prestigious medical college like Vydehi, MS Ramaiah,MVJ and Raja Rajeshwari can help you develop a successful medical career. Top colleges have well-qualified and experienced professors, as well as good facilities like medical laboratories with cutting-edge equipment and a library with a diverse collection of books and journals. Top medical colleges invest in clinical researches, ensuring that you are exposed to the latest diagnostics, procedures, therapies, and machines. Furthermore, the availability of reasonably priced hostels with great eating, convenient transportation, pleasant weather, sports facilities, and vibrant culture increases the quality of life.

    Before choosing a medical consultant for your MD/MS admission, you should be aware of the following.

    You’ll need expert advice to get MD/MS direct admission to a good medical college of Karnataka state.

    Never search for ways to save a few dollars. In order to achieve a lifelong dream, one must be extremely careful in selecting appropriate guidance. You will find thugs posing as expert educational consultants almost everywhere. Their sole purpose is to deprive you of your wealth, your dreams, and your child’s future. Proper advice from a professional medical admission consultancy will help you save a lot of money, time, and even your child’s life by providing best future education.

    You must obtain specific information on the following Question before applying for MD/MS entry.

    • Best MS or MD college/university in states, along with specialization specifics that match to your specific needs, budget, and future plans.
    • Details on MD/MS entry fees (as you need to plan your budget)
    • Medical college admissions requirements at different universities/colleges.
    • PG course detail information from different medical universities
    • How many MD/MS seats are there in Karnataka?
    • Do private medical colleges have their own conditions for PG medical admission?
    • is there any management quota for MD/MS in India’s private medical colleges?
    • If so, how much does the Management Quota Fee for Direct or management MD/MS Admission cost?
    • Is there a quota for NRI entry to MD/MS programs? If so, how much does it cost, what are the eligibility criteria, and what documents are needed for the admissions process?
    • Is it possible to get into a medical postgraduate program without donating?

What if I don’t take the NEET-PG exam this year? Will I be able to get myself into PG program?

  • Have the rules for entry to the MD/MS programs changed?


For management and NRI Quota, we are the most trusted PG medical admission consultants in India. We can assure you of getting PG Medical admission and Medical PG Diploma admission in a reputed Medical institution in Karnataka because we have a team of channel partners who work closely with medical institutions. Many students who chose us for their career guidance were able to gain admission to a top-rated medical college in Karnataka.

Following our independence from British rule, India has made remarkable strides in medical science and research. A professional educational consultant will help you get into the best PG medical college in Karnataka that suits your budget and future career goals. A skilled PG Medical admissions consultant can quickly identify and discuss any issues that might arise during the admissions process. The competition is fierce, and the number of seats available is restricted. One of the issues that Medical PG aspirants face these days is a lack of proper guidance or a lack of awareness of educational consultants in this area.

Students are increasingly falling victim to fraud consultancies and enrolling in unauthorised, sub-standard medical colleges, which has a negative impact on their medical careers. When we meet an aspiring MD/MS student, we give them the best advice we can in order to help them fulfil their and their parents’ lifelong dreams of seeing their child become a doctor and live an honourable and respectable life.

Throughout our career as an educational consulting firm, we have witnessed the fulfilment of a large number of dreams. So call right now and reserve your seat in your preferred college with your preferred branch in any prestigious private medical colleges. We are a reliable medical consultancy in Bangalore with over 20 years of experience. Our administrative centre is in Bangalore, and you can contact us for more information about the admission process at the Karnataka Medical Colleges. Call/Whatsapp: 90355 11111

1 A J Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre
2 Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences
3 Al-Ameen Medical College
4 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Medical College
5 Father Muller Institute of Med. Education & Research
6 Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeswara Medical College (J.S.S)
7 Jawaharalal Nehru Medical College
8 Jaya Jagadguru Murugharajendra Medical College
9 K.S. Hegde Medical Academy
10 K.Venkataramana Gowda Medical College and Hospital
11 Kasturba Medical College
12 Kasturba Medical College
13 Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences
14 M.V.J. Medical College & Research Hospital
15 Mahadevappa Rampure Medical College
16 Navodaya Medical College
17 Raja Rajeshwari Medical College & Hospital
18 S. Nijalingappa Medical College & HSK Hospital & Research Centre
19 Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences
20 SDM Medical College
21 Shri B M Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre
22 St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences
23 Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre
24 Yenepoya Medical College