MCh Admission

MCH (Master of Chirurgiae)

MCh is a specialized and advanced doctoral degree in surgery, which is the highest degree in the field of surgical science in the Indian medical system after obtaining an MS degree. There are two ways to obtain a MCh degree. If you already have an MBBS, your M.Ch program can last up to 5 years, but if you already have an MD, your MCh program will last only 3 years. Mch Degree full form is Master of Chirurgiae (General Surgery), which comes from the Latin word. Considered the highest master’s degree in Surgical Science, (mch) is an extremely advanced and precise postgraduate/doctoral degree after Master of Surgery that provides an individual with a technical understanding of complex surgical procedures. As M.Ch is expected to work in a highly demanding and necessary environment of human living, it includes a significant amount of research and practical training.

This has been the most in demand and sought after branch since its introduction in the early 1980s at Madras Medical College by legendary surgeon Dr Rangabashyam, who was not a MCh himself. As a result, MCh has been adopted by several universities. It has grown in popularity because it has allowed a surgeon to grow into a true expert in the field of healthcare. Thanks to improved health care and increased lifespan, the health problems that doctors are treating today are no longer simple. In order to feel competent to handle them, doctors must have doctoral and post-doctoral structured training as well as extensive experience, including ongoing skill development and updating.

Students pursuing a MCh degree must choose a specialization, after which they will be assigned a course assignments and clinical placements, among other subjects. The course is framed by the field chosen by students, and the candidate’s career path is determined by it as well. The degree allows you to work in a variety of fields such as urology, cardiology, endocrinology, Surgical Oncology, Pediatrics surgery among others.

MCh students have more in common with DM students, for example, M.Ch in Neurosurgery is a Post Doctorate course that can be pursued after completing an MS or MBBS degree, whereas D.M. in Neurology is a super specialty course that can be pursued after completing an MD course. DM focuses on diseases and cause whereas Mch focuses on surgical part of same.

MCh Eligibility Criteria

M.Ch. (MASTER OF CHIRURGIE) for which candidates must possess recognised degree of M.S. (or its equivalent recognized degree). The fundamental basic eligibility criteria for pursuing a MCh degree are the same as for any other medical degree, such as an MS (Master of Surgery), MD (Doctor of Medicine), or any other medical postgraduate degree recognized by the Medical Council of India; admission is solely based on performance in the NEET SS exam. As determined by the Educational Board of India, there are specific standards that the student must satisfy, just as in any other subject.

  • Applicants must hold a PG Medical degree (MD/MS or PG Diploma) from the same or any other authorized college/university.
  • To be admitted to Mch, the candidate must pass the National Eligibility-cumulating Entrance Test -NEET-SS [Super Specialty Courses]. 
  • The admission process is based on the NEET-SS score, which is held by the NBE (national board of examination). 
  • You must provide the following documents before taking the exam:

            – A photocopy of your SMC/MCI registration (permanent/provisional) 

           – A photocopy of your SMC/MCI registration (permanent/provisional) 

          – Admissions card with your photograph attached

  • Moreover, course duration and qualifying conditions might differ based on the course and university, so students should double-check before registering for counselling.
  • The general cast Applicants must have a minimum overall score of 50% in the PG Medical course. And SC/ST/OBC applicants must have a 45 percent overall score in their PG Medical course.
  • If applicants have completed their MBBS at the same college/institution or university, their overall result in the National/State/University-level entrance exam and the MBBS exam will be put into consideration.
  • It should be noted that, according to the criteria, 50 percent of the seats will be filled based on students’ performance in competitive NEET SS exams, while the other seats will be filled based on management quota.
  • While Indian candidates must be registered with the Medical Council of India, foreign candidates are excluded from same registration criteria.
  • NMC (National medical commission) would provide temporary registration to foreign nationals; however, that such temporary registration is subject to the condition that such person be duly registered with the appropriate registering authority in his own country where he obtained his PG Medical qualification, and which is duly recognized by the relevant Medical Council or concerned author.

Job Opportunities & Scope for MCH Graduates

A MCh degree course is one of the most difficult courses in the world of medicine, and as a result, the profession obtains some of the greatest pay packages in this field. The MCh degree offers doors to positions in medical clinics, government and private hospitals as surgeons, surgical consultants, research institutions, academic institutions and so on.

After gaining enough expertise and finances, you can open your own medical center in your community or another location of your choice. You will be able to contribute to the well-being of people in your country in this manner.

Starting an academic career in a reputable institute is a great option since you can spread the information you’ve gathered over the years and inspire future of medicine in the same manner you’ve been inspired in the past.

Below mentioned courses are available in Karnataka based medical colleges.

M.Ch – Plastic Surgery/Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

M.Ch – Surgical Oncology

M.Ch – Neuro Surgery

M.Ch – Paediatric Surgery

M.Ch – Thoracic Surgery/Cardio Thoracic Surgery/Cardio Vascular and thoracic Surgery

M.Ch – Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery

M.Ch – Gynaecological Oncology

M.Ch – Vascular Surgery